Dr Annja Neumann

Dr Annja Neumann

PhD in German Studies (Modern German literature)
Postgraduate Certificate of Academic Practice (PGCAP)
Certificate in Teaching and Learning (CILT)
MA in Anthropology and Politics
Magistra Artrium in Cultural Anthropology and German Studies (Germanistik)
Principal Artist Researcher and Consultant
Co-Director of Deepening Creative Practice

Glistening and grounding. The moment when participants realise that they are part of a performance that demands them to change roles inspires my work; the reality-effects and impact of role-changes. This shift of attention, radical and beautiful, sometimes transformative but always embodied, marks the beginning of something new.

I seek to empower people and organisations to see how things can be different, and to make this difference. I am an artist-researcher and innovator, a change consultant, and an educator with 15+ years’ experience, who uniquely connects research as a cultural anthropologist and literary and performance scholar with my embodied practice as theatre-maker, writer and digital media artist.

My approach is to stage human relations and organisations. I am particularly interested in moments of self-staging, and I thrive in working with teams under conditions of high uncertainty, pressure, and urgency, for example in critical care and A&E or in large-scale theatre productions. This concerns questions around agency, authority, systems of power, digital futures, wellbeing, health policy (in the UK and Germany) and organisational aesthetics.

The methods I use and develop draw on action research, arts-based methods, especially theatre methodology, new materialist and feminist perspectives, systems and complexity theory, and the applied social sciences. I work with different lenses, across different sectors and scales – large scale systems, local communities, global organisations, tech start-ups; I particularly enjoy leading large interdisciplinary teams with multiple stakeholders and working with the next generation of thinkers and practitioners. My work employs diffractive (or mutually constitutive), computational and digital, intersectional, theatrical, sensory literacy, agential, and trauma informed lenses; a prism, glistening and grounding.

Affiliated Lecturer in Digital Humanities, Cambridge Digital Humanities, University of Cambridge

Senior Research Fellow in Medical Humanities and German Studies, Magdalene College, Cambridge

Co-Director and Founder, Lower Street Atelier, cross-disciplinary co-working space, Stroud (Gloucestershire)

Tavistock Institut Germany | Meinekestrasse 27, 10719 Berlin
hello@tavinstitute.org | +49 173 4577103
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